• Work Internships

  • The Bible has a lot to say about work. Mature disciples must learn how to work with their hands (2 Thess 3:6-12). In fact, disciples who are unwilling to work and support their families are considered to be worse than unbelievers (1 Timothy 5:8)! This high view of work impacts the way we make disciples at Adelphia. To truly be obedient to Jesus you must be able to work. Each of our students participate in a work internship throughout the year that teaches them the value and purpose of work. Along the way they will learn practical skills to carry with them the rest of their life. The hard work of the internship is what makes it possible for the program to have no cost. Each student will have designated time during the first two terms learning how to work and then the main focus of the third term will be on putting it all into practice.

    Work areas include kitchen (dining, food prep, dishes), Rec (lifeguard, paintball, zipline, boats, archery tag), Housekeeping and Maintenance. Each work internship will include an emphasis in at least one of these specific areas as well as a general introduction to all. Emphasises will be assigned based on prior experience, particular skill, or areas of most need.