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Daily Life

Daily Life

Jesus taught His disciples through a variety of methods, sometime opening up God’s Word to them, and other times using the daily rhythms of life as a teaching opportunity. Many of Jesus’ greatest lessons occurred as He and His disciples were traveling around from town to town, eating meals together, doing mission and simply  spending time together.

At Adelphia we believe the rhythms of daily life matter! The time you spend with other students and staff sharing meals, traveling to visit teachers, going on Adventure Weeks, playing games and doing activities, and even spending time with your roommate are all just as important to your development as a disciple as the time you spend in the classroom, serving on mission or doing your work internship.

There will be structured time throughout each week that is devoted to learning and application, but the free time that you have outside of that is one of the greatest opportunities you will have to obey God’s Word. In fact, you may learn more about grace in your dorm room than in the classroom.

There will be bi-weekly on and off campus student life activities. Anything from prayer and worship events, to local sports games, movie and game nights. Some activities are planned and put on by our staff, and others are planned and put on by the Adelphia students themselves! Either way, time spent in community provides a unique opportunity to enjoy and sharpen others as they enjoy and sharpen you.

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