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Our Tuition-Free Student Internship

Instead of paying for tuition, room & board, books or fees out of pocket, each student has a work internship with Lake Retreat Camp during their time at Adelphia. The work internship completely covers the cost of the Adelphia program, allowing each student to attend while eliminating the twin burdens of debt and financial hardship. Our desire is to avoid financial barriers for anyone who desires to grow in their faith.


Another blessing of the work internship is that it allows each student, providing that they have worked well, to leave with added resume material and a letter of recommendation from the department head of their emphasis. We perform two written work evaluation meetings with each student to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and to set goals for growth during the program.


The only money paid is a $100 fully refundable room deposit that will be collected during enrollment, but assuming there is no damage to the rooms, it will be returned at the end of the year. We recommend each student have funds saved up for toiletries, snacks, clothes or other discretionary spending during their time working in the internship. 


Hard Cost of Each Student at Adelphia: $12,000

Work Internship Covers:  $12,000

Student Pays: $0

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