• Who We Are

  • What is Adelphia?

  • On a lake in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Adelphia offers an opportunity to prepare for the rest of your life. Alongside your classmates, you will experience faith in Christ that actually connects with the world we live in. 

    Through your classes and hands-on-experience, you will be equipped to follow Jesus wherever He calls you next. Hear God speak to you through the Scriptures. Pursue deep friendships. Discover who God has created you to be and then live it.

    Accept the Challenge.  

  • A`del´phi`a
    n. 1. (Bot.) A "brotherhood," or collection 

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  • Our Heritage

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  • In 1905, the same year as the establishment of Bethel Academy in St. Paul, Swedish Baptist businessmen in Seattle established a school, which they called Adelphia College. Their dream envisioned an academy, a four-year college, a school of theology and a commercial department. They were able to launch the academy and the commercial department under the leadership of Emanuel Schmidt.

    Two buildings were built on a site facing Lake Union. They had a good enrollment and a well-equipped faculty and carried on their program until they fell on financial hard times and disbanded in 1918. Emanuel Schmidt and his library crossed the country and joined Bethel in St. Paul., MN.

    The building was sold to Seattle Preparatory in February of 1919. Seattle Prep became Seattle College’s Interlaken campus. In 1948 Seattle College became Seattle University.

    In 2011 Adelphia Bible College reopened at Lake Retreat Camp and Conference Center in Maple Valley Washington. Lake Retreat Camp is part of Converge Northwest

    To order a copy of the book "One-Year", by Sean Post, that is the foundation for the school's philosophy click here.