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  • Adelphia FAQ 

  • Are there age limitations to attend?

    An applicant must be 18 by the day school begins to be eligible to attend. Those who will not reach their 18th birthday by the 1st day of school may still attend, by a parental waiver.  This is assessed on a case-by-case basis.   The majority of students are young adults between 18 and 26.

    Are there prerequisites to attend?

    Students must profess Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and be pursuing a life that is honoring to Christ. Students must not be in opposition to our Statement of Faith. Although we have an affiliation with Converge Northwest no church or denominational affiliation is required for admission. Applicants with a criminal background or who have a history of sexual misconduct will not be admitted to the school due to our close proximity to Lake Retreat Youth Camp and other students.

    Do I need a high school diploma or GED to attend Adelphia?

    HS graduation or GED is strongly recommended. Students who haven't achieved HS grad equivalency but desire admission are encouraged to discuss their situation with the admissions team.

    Are home-educated students accepted at Adelphia?

    We are very happy to have home-educated students attend Adelphia. Students must be 18 by the day school begins.

    What is the application deadline?

    Adelphia limits the class to 24 students per year, so applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.  If space is available, applications are accepted up to two weeks prior to the start of a term.

    How do I apply?

    Applications are available online at www.adelphiaschool.com. Applications may be submitted online. Click on Admissions → Submit Application. Student applications are kept strictly confidential. Once your application is receive you will be contacted for some additional information. A health form, proof of age (must be 18 at the date of the first class) and proof of insurance is also required, along with two character references.

    When will I hear whether I’ve been accepted?

    After the registrar has received your completed application materials, you will be contacted regarding your acceptance into Adelphia. We evaluate each application for signs that the applicant meets the admission requirements, shows a readiness to attend, and will both benefit from and find success in our program. You should receive a letter within 3 weeks of application. Once accepted, a non-refundable deposit of $100 will reserve your place within our student body. This deposit is applied toward your first term tuition.

    Is there a waiting list?

    Occasionally, there may be a waiting list as our class is limited to 24 students. Those accepted after the class is full will be placed on a waiting list in the order of their acceptance. Should an opening occur, the next person on the waiting list would be given opportunity to pay the deposit and secure that spot.

    Can I attend just one term at Adelphia?

    Students are encouraged to apply for and complete the entire school year. The Adelphia year is made up of two terms. Students may be accepted for less than a full year if space is available.

    Is there a Statement of Faith at Adelphia?

    Adelphia Discipleship School operates under the Converge Northwest Statement of Faith.

    What forms of payment are accepted?

    In addition to cash and check, we accept Visa, Master Card & Discover credit and debit cards.

    How much spending money should I plan on bringing?

    We recommend $250 per term for spending money. Meals are included, however students may wish to purchase other discretionary products in town. 

    Are there any additional expenses/fees that I should plan for?

    Students may want to purchase additional optional reading materials that are suggested by certain teachers. Required reading materials are included in tuition.

    Do you have financial aid or scholarships?

    Federal or state financial aid is not available. We encourage you to seek support from your local church, along with friends and family, presenting the need and desire to attend Adelphia, and asking them to join you in prayer. It is exciting to see how the Lord provides for each student.  

    While financial aid is not available, Adelphia offers financial counseling to students. Students serious about attending Adelphia will be helped through the process of writing support letters, and obtaining an on campus job or employment over breaks or during the summer months if available. Those interested in this service should contact the Adelphia office.

    Since we are a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, those who do not claim the student on their income tax as a dependent can donate on the student’s behalf and receive a tax-deductible receipt. Family members, friends, and even churches can donate. Please contact your tax advisor.

    Please note:  We do NOT issue 1098T forms annually.

    Can I get a loan to help pay for tuition?

    While state and federal student loans are not available to our students, there are private lenders who will make personal loans. Christian Community Credit Union is one of those lenders. They know the value of our program and want to work with our students:

    Christian Community Credit Union* has a very attractive personal loan that can be used to help finance your educational investment. For our students who open a checking account with them they offer a 2% reduction in their already competitive interest rate.

    *Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU) is not affiliated with either Adelphia or Lake Retreat Camp. CCCU is listed as an example of a lender who will consider lending to Adelphia students.

    Do you have a campus work program?

    Students may have opportunity to work for Lake Retreat Camp and Conference Center, serving guest groups on the weekends.   Students must apply for these jobs and space is limited.    Lake Retreat also hires many of the Adelphia students to work in the summer.

    Can students have off-campus jobs?

    The Adelphia program is quite structured during the school week.  Students may work offsite or participate in internship or apprenticeship programs through the local church or other para-church organizations on the weekends.

    Do you provide insurance for students?

    Students at Adelphia are required to provide their own medical insurance.

    What type of classwork can I expect?

    Students attend class for 16 hours a week.  Monday’s class is taught by resident teachers. Guest teachers teach on Tuesday – Friday.

    We recognize that students learn and process concepts at different speeds. Most students can expect to complete course reading for the week in 1-2 hours and course projects for the week in 1-2 hours. So that's 2-4 hours of "homework" each week.

    Guest teachers (Tuesday - Friday) will assign minimal homework and students will complete a reflection paper at the end of the week.

    Our classes include exposition of Biblical books, Theology, and Christian Living. Here is a sampling…

    Courses include:

    • Hermeneutics
    • Jesus in the Old Testament
    • Relationships
    • Spiritual Formation
    • Learning from Dead Kings and Queens
    • Nehemiah & Leadership
    • Fitness Week
    • Quality of God
    • Themes in Romans
    • Establishing Your Identity in Christ
    • Ecclesiology
    • Spiritual Warfare
    • Stewardship
    • Thinking Biblically About Culture
    • 1st Corinthians
    • Missional Living
    • Clarifying Your Calling

    Additional Practical Training:

    Personal Skills Assessment

    Financial Management

    Adventure Weeks

    What does a typical week at Adelphia look like?

    We offer weekly and monthly on & off campus student life activities. Anything from prayer and worship events, to local sports games, movie/game nights and community outreach events. Some activities are planned/put on by our Student Life staff, and others are planned/put on by the Adelphia students themselves!

    What is the faculty like at Adelphia?

    Our teaching staff includes Christian pastors, professors, and professionals, representing a wide span of experience and expertise in a variety of ministry, academic, and workplace settings. Students will benefit from a breadth of knowledge and a variety of teaching styles.

    What are the rules & discipline like at Adelphia?

    We follow Paul’s teachings to the Corinthians, that we may be free in Christ but err on the side of grace in order to keep others from stumbling. Students who experience a moral failure while at school are subject to the correction and discipline of the Adelphia leadership. Specific discipline guidelines are provided for students in the school handbook.

    Is there a dress code at Adelphia?

    Students are expected to maintain a clean and neat appearance. Moderation and modesty are required at all times regardless of prevailing fashions.

    Is there a mission opportunity for Adelphia students?

    Yes! Adelphia students participate in local mission outreaches and cultural engagement opportunities throughout the year.  These are included in the program. There is also usually an optional, domestic missions trip during spring break that students can apply for. 

    What are the meals like at Adelphia?

    All meals are included in the tuition. Our food service department attempts to plan and prepare tasty, balanced and nutritious meals, served buffet style.  Coffee and vending machine snacks are available in the Student Lounge from early morning to late night. 

    Do you make special accommodations for students with special dietary needs?

    Depending on the extent of the dietary requirements, we may be able to accommodate the student’s needs. Based on our consultation and review of a student's needs, Adelphia will come up with a plan that works for both the student and the school. We will try to provide a wide variety of food options, however, if the dietary need is complex, a student may be asked to provide their own food alternative/substitute. Efforts will be made to provide pantry, refrigerator and microwave space for the student to prepare his or her own food.  In certain circumstances, additional charges may be warranted.  Due to practical limitations, catering to a students dietary PREFERENCES will be assessed differently than dietary NEEDS as necessitated by a physician.

    What are student accommodations like?

    All housing is on-site in a dorm setting. Most rooms have beautiful lake views. Students will be assigned to rooms with 2 to 4 roommates. All rooms have shared bathrooms and showers. Both the men’s and the women’s dorms have a large lounge area with inside access from the rooms. Rooms are furnished with a bed, and wardrobe with shelves and hanging space. Students may stay in dorm rooms during the school year, as long as they are a student in good standing. Students must vacate rooms by 5 p.m. prior to Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Breaks.  The dorms are closed during these times.   Students must vacate their dorm the last day of classes of the spring term.

    What about bedding & linens?

    Students must supply their own twin size sheets, blankets, comforter, pillow and towels.

    Are there laundry facilities at Adelphia?

    There are free laundry facilities available in the dorms, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

    How much storage space do students have?

    Storage space is limited. Students will be provided with a wardrobe with shelves and hanging space.

    Do students have Internet access?

    Wireless Internet access is available for student use in the Fireside Café.

    Do students need a computer at Adelphia?

    Students may bring personal laptops for use outside of the classroom. They are not required.

    Where is Adelphia located? What are the facilities like?

    Adelphia Discipleship School is located on the Lake Retreat Camp & Conference Center campus, near Maple Valley in Ravensdale, Washington. The Adelphia campus is located on 50 acres with 900+ feet of picturesque lakefront property. Students will find the facilities comfortable and inviting. Lake Retreat Camp & Conference Center was established in 1946 by Converge Northwest (formerly Columbia Baptist Conference). For more information about Lake Retreat Camp & Conference Center, visit www.lakeretreat.org. Phone: 425.432.4293. For more information about Converge Northwest, visit: www.convergenw.org.

    Can Adelphia students live off-campus while attending school?

    To receive the full benefits of the year at Adelphia, single students are required to live on campus.

    Do you have married student housing?

    Married student housing may be available on a limited basis. Consideration will be given on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact the Registrar for more information.

    Where do students go to church while attending Adelphia?

    Students are asked to attend and worship in a local church while attending Adelphia. More information on local church options, locations, etc. will be provided at orientation.

    Are students involved in local outreach?

    Yes. Students benefit from regular ministry participation by receiving both class credit and experiencing God’s work in their heart and the lives of others.

    Is there free-time at Adelphia?

    At Adelphia, we emphasize community. We encourage students to spend time together relaxing, eating, and recreating together. Time when students are not in class is spent in personal study and recreational opportunities.

    What are weekends at Adelphia like?

    Students have weekends free from class.  Students are free to leave campus during the weekend, however students are welcome to stay on campus.  Meals are available throughout the weekend. Some activities may be scheduled over the weekend.

    What recreational opportunities are available?

    The Adelphia campus is located on 900+ feet of picturesque lakefront property. We are just 40 minutes from Seattle and 45 minutes from two major ski resorts. Students may ski, snowboard, canoe, fish, visit Pike Place Market or participate in an inner city ministry, all less than an hour away.

    What sports are available? Do you have a gym?

    Adelphia has a large closed in recreation area for basketball, volleyball and other indoor games.

    Can Adelphia students leave the campus overnight?

    Students may leave campus overnight on weekends, for non-scheduled school events, but they must sign out prior to their departure. Students are expected to be on campus during all class and school related functions and throughout the school week unless permission is granted for a reasonable exception.

    Where should friends/family send mail & packages?

    The mailing address is:

    Attention: Student Name


    27850 Retreat-Kanaskat Rd. SE

    Ravensdale, WA 98051.

    Do students have daily duties or chores at Adelphia?

    Students are required to keep their room and common areas clean. All students will be assigned a daily duty to help the community of Adelphia run efficiently. Student also participate in weekly service duties as a team.

    Can students stay at Adelphia during school breaks?

    The dorms are closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Breaks. Please note:  Students must vacate their rooms the day following the last day of class, spring term.

    Can students bring vehicles to Adelphia?

    Yes, students may have vehicles at Adelphia, providing space is available. Student vehicles must be registered with the school office. The school is approximately 4 miles from shopping and banking.

    Is there shopping close to the Adelphia campus?

    There is one-stop shopping approximately 4 miles from Lake Retreat Camp & Conference Center. Additionally, students will find coffee, pharmacy and banking in this area. Additional shopping is available in Covington, Issaquah and Enumclaw, all a 20-30 minute drive from Lake Retreat. The closest shopping mall is in Auburn, a 30-minute drive.

    How far is it to the nearest medical facility / pharmacy?

    An urgent care facility and pharmacy are located approximately 4 miles from the Adelphia campus. Major medical care is available within a 20-30 minute drive. For emergencies, Lake Retreat receives excellent 911 services.

    Do cell phones work at Lake Retreat? Do students need one?

    There is limited cell phone coverage at the Adelphia campus, dependent upon the mobile service provider. Verizon & AT&T provide good coverage.