• Learn. Experience. Grow. Impact.

  • Accept the Challenge. One Year.

    What would it mean for you to live as a follower of Jesus in our world today? 
    How might you pursue a heart that isn’t captured by hollow desires, but instead treasures God?

    If you are curious about these questions, you have just found your place to explore, learn, and adventure. 

    To get started you can text or call Todd at (206) 383-9822 or send him an email by clicking here. He will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. 

    To apply now CLICK HERE.

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  • Karissa Daiber


    "It was at Adelphia I fully understood the depth of grace and how that impacts my view of myself and the grace I extend to others." 

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  • Ryan Overall


    "This is the only example I've had in life of a community truly centered on Christ. Now my biggest goal is finding and forming that kind of community elsewhere." 

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  • Josh Lobeck

    Student & RA

    "I learned that there's more to the Christian faith than Bible reading and prayer. There are other spiritual disciplines that God will use to transform me." 

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  • Todd Arambide 


    "The goal is to prepare students to go into whatever they do having experience in missional living and a biblical perspective."